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Alignment to Priorities

The best results require full understanding and commitment by all members of a group.  Often each individual has a different view of the same situation.  And right or wrong, beliefs drive behavior.

  • Does everyone agree on the priorities?
  • What’s causing differences of opinion?
  • How will everyone get on the same page?

Differences of opinion that go unrecognized or unaddressed limit your success.  Don’t wait until problems emerge or time has been wasted to find out your group is not aligned.

With the right tools and expertise, you can measure alignment today … and increase it by:

  • Level-setting assumptions about what’s really going on
  • Identifying and mitigating hurdles and side-effects before they appear
  • Defining what success looks like

About Us

Banner Group combines proven facilitation methods with advanced software to help groups improve performance.  

Within any group, individuals may have different views of the same situation.  We provide the tools and expertise to bring people together by:

  • uncovering resistance that slows progress
  • creating a shared understanding of important issues
  • coordinating actions across diverse individuals and disparate teams

Henry Yaeger founded Banner Group in 2012.  For more than 20 years Henry has worked with executive teams on their most critical strategic and organizational challenges, both as a strategic advisor and a corporate leader.  Most recently Henry led the six-person Corporate Strategy team at the Hershey Company, where he designed and implemented an enterprise-wide strategic planning process and provided project management for global strategic initiatives across four continents.  He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University and holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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